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Call for new members to join Expert Group in Antarctic Biodiversity Informatics

The Expert Group on Antarctic Biodiversity Informatics (EG-ABI) supports the Antarctic and Southern Ocean biodiversity science community to come together, share resources and expertise, and collaborate on topics of data access, integration, analysis, and synthesis. We are part of the SCAR Life Sciences group.

EG-ABI is led by a core group of around 10 members, with numbers varying depending on current activities.

We are seeking expressions of interest from members of the SCAR community who are interested in becoming a core group member.

Members of the core group provide leadership and take an active role in the community, for example by leading one or more EG-ABI activities or acting as liaison with other groups within and outside of SCAR. The core group also includes the positions of secretary and community engagement officer, which are currently vacant. The secretary is responsible for coordinating and assisting the workings of the group, and the community engagement officer is responsible for facilitating effective communication within the group and between EG-ABI and the broader community.

If you are interested in becoming a core group member, please send a short email to Ben and Anton by the 7th of May, giving:

  • your contact details and current position/career stage,
  • your motivation for becoming a core group member, and an outline of the skills and attributes that you would bring,
  • any particular projects or roles (e.g. secretary, community engagement officer) that you are interested in,
  • any new projects or activities that you think could be of interest to EG-ABI, and whether you would be happy to take a leading role in that activity.

Core group members will be chosen to give a diversity of skills, perspectives, and cultural and personal backgrounds across the group, and to ensure strong support for EG-ABI activities. Following the revamp of the core group, EG-ABI will review its work plans with a view to engaging more broadly across the SCAR community. Potential new projects will be considered more fully at that stage.

Please note that core group membership isn’t a requirement for becoming involved with EG-ABI. We are an inclusive group and general membership is open to anyone. Members are welcome to engage to whatever degree suits them, from actively collaborating in EG-ABI projects, participating in selected workshops and other events, or simply observing communication on the mailing list or other information channels. You are welcome to join the EG-ABI mailing list.

For more information, contact Ben Raymond <>; or Anton Van de Putte <>;

or see the following links:

Deadline for expressions of interest: 7th of May 2021

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