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Scientific Diver Registration Form

NOTE: This scientific diving resource has been created for use exclusively by the MASTS community. Consequently, only members of the MASTS community are eligible to submit their details for inclusion on the database. Information submitted by non MASTS members will not be added and will be deleted in accordance with MASTS privacy policy. Please note this resource is not intended for use by recreational divers,

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The MASTS scientific diving resource has been created as an appendix to the existing MASTS Resource Centre, to provide a centralised database of HSE qualified divers from across the MASTS community. The resource is designed to facilitate communication between individual divers, dive teams and the wider non-diving research community to promote efficient use of personnel and equipment. The resource may also help to open up opportunities for cost effective sample collection and experimentation within the marine science community.

This resource is not intended for use by recreational divers, it is for the use of individuals who are both suitably qualified and required to dive through work.

Consequently, only individuals in possession of the following should register their details;

  • HSE certification for Scientific and archaeological and/or Commercial Inshore/Inland diving projects
  • an in date certificate of medical fitness to dive

It is also strongly recommended that prior to registering as a diver, you review the government regulations that cover diving at work. These can be viewed using the links (below).

Regarding any diving operation undertaken that does not have a scientific/archaeological objective, i.e. where there is no obvious link between the diving being undertaken and any eventual scientific/archaeological deliverable. HSE guidance stipulates that it must be conducted under the ‘Commercial diving projects inland/inshore ACoP‘. Such operations include the:

  • Maintaining/cleaning of aquarium seawater intakes/outfalls;
  • In-situ maintenance of research vessels;
  • Location and retrieval of lost instrumentation/equipment;
  • Deployment and retrieval of scientific moorings

If you are suitably qualified and wish to make your details available to the MASTS community then please populate and submit the form below.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us at

Use the form below to register

see this link for guidance

Read terms and conditions

In accordance with the Approved Codes of Practice all diving activity conducted under the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 demands the prior completion of both a Diving Project Plan and a Diving Risk Assessment. Ensuring the completion of these documents, as well as establishing appropriate insurance cover, is the responsibility of the diving contractor.

For guidance and examples of these documents follow the link below;

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