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Call for papers: Food Production Potential in the Changing Ocean

Abstract deadline: 20 September 2022

Manuscript deadline: 01 March 2023

Ocean and coastal environments are highly vulnerable to climate change, and climate stressors affect the health of aquatic organisms. Environmental changes are also affecting the distribution of wild species and pathogens, altering the spread of disease and changing the dynamics of outbreaks. Sudden environmental changes and diseases are major challenges for the aquaculture sector in particular as farmed organisms are held at fixed locations, and the industry needs strategies to respond. In future years, aquaculture will play an increasingly more important role in food security contributing to the supply of high-quality food to meet growing demands in local and regional communities as well as the global population. The need to understand how climate change may affect the farmed and wild food production potential in the ocean is crucial, including predictive modelling, environmental surveillance, physiological responses, and preventive measures.

This Research Topic aims to attract articles that elucidate the impact of climate change on the production potential of farmed and wild fish, shellfish and other aquatic species throughout the world. Research articles can include field trials and surveys, laboratory and tank experiments and modelling studies. Perspectives and review articles are also welcome. The scope covers all aspects of climate change affecting the marine food production potential and disease interactions, for example, studies on biological performance, environment, technology as well as broader interdisciplinary research. Studies targeted by this Research Topic also include assessments of the global and regional growth potential for aquaculture, especially in the light of new technologies, circular economy and sustainable food production.

The changing ocean alters the potential for food production, as well as the interactions between wild and cultured populations. It is the goal to attract papers covering the present situation as well as model and experimental studies elucidating the situation in the future ocean.

This Research Topic welcomes:
• Research papers (Field surveys, and studies, as well as laboratory experimental studies)
• Model studies
• Reviews
• Perspective articles

Research topic page here:

If you have questions, please contact Lynne Falconer [email protected]

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