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PG Cert Events List

PGCert Events List

Events that can be considered for inclusion in your PG Cert are listed below.
Date & Location
Title of Event
Datatree online course
A free online course with all you need to know for research data management, along with ways to engage and share data with business, policymakers, media and the wider public. The self-paced course will take 15 to 20 hours to complete in eight structured modules. The course is packed with video, quizzes and real-life examples of data management, along with plenty of additional background information. CPD certified – An electronic certificate is provided for completion of each module. The course is for any scientist, whether you look after your own data or are guided by an organisation. The course is especially aimed at PhD students and early career researchers but is for anyone who wants to get the right data habits now, including thinking of end-users of your data
Contact for more details
Coding Club
A POSITIVE PEER-LEARNING COMMUNITY. We are an enthusiastic group of ecology and environmental science students and researchers. Coding Club is for everyone, regardless of their career stage or current level of R knowledge. Our mission is to create a diverse learning community where we help each other to attain fluency in statistics and programming
Datalab online courses
Includes courses such as “Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists” which is a broad introduction and you can enrol anytime and “Data Science for Environmental Modelling and Renewables”
4 week free online course
Career Management for early career academic researchers
Explore different career options, learn what you want out of a career and understand how to implement good career decisions.
Various dates and times depending on the courses
Mathematical Sciences Training

SMSTC’s prime aim is to provide high-quality broad training in fundamental areas of mathematics and statistics for beginning PhD students at a level comparable to that of first-year PhD courses in North America or mainland Europe. Teaching is by video-conference lectures in two semesters, from October to March, as shown in our timetable. There are sixteen 10-week core modules (organised in four “themes”) plus a varying number of supplementary modules. The about us page has more information on SMSTC.

We welcome participating PhD students from any place and discipline (provided you meet the pre-requisites).

19 April – 24 May 2021
Virtual Community Science Camp

Are you an early career researcher in environmental science? Are you interested in public engagement especially working with people affected by climate change and ecological crises? Would you like to work toward social and sustainability goals?

Virtual Community Science Camp is a 5 week interactive online learning programme exploring the concept and practice of community-centred approaches to research as seen through a diverse set of case study examples. 

Applications open 9 February and the deadline for applications is 5pm, 8 March.

We highly recommend you sign up to the introduction event on 8 February (2.30pm-4pm), which will give you an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into how the course can support your professional and personal development.

6-7 May 2021

Online event

MEDDLE training – Multiple Environmental Driver Design for Lab Experiments

This course will help you define research questions, identify responses and drivers and help you to design a great experiment!
14 May, 13.00
Leader & Influencer Conversations

These informal discussion are organised to help you meet people from various walks of life, including research, industry, and policy, who are in the position to influence and make a difference.  The event will take place on-line, using Zoom, and is facilitated by two students (so please let us know if you would like to volunteer to lead such a conversation).

At this event, chat with Anna Metaxas of Dalhousie University.

19 May, 1900

Social event and screening of “Trapped by Plastic”

You are invited to a special Grad School screening of ‘Trapped by Plastic’ on Thursday 20th May at 7pm.

Trapped by Plastic is a short documentary film by First Move Productions about the extraordinary work of award-winning photographer Mandy Barker, highlighting the devastating and far-reaching impact of marine plastic pollution. The film shows how Mandy developed a distinctive ‘call to action’ using strikingly colourful, intricate images following an expedition with scientists to Henderson Island (South Pacific Ocean).

Have your popcorn at the ready for the private screening, discussion time and chance to socialise 19:00 – 20:00 within video chat platform (as used for the recent Grad School Retreat evening dinner event).

24 November 2021

Online event

NatureScot & MASTS Policy day for Grad Students

Graduate students (MSc students, MASTS/SUPER PGRs) are invited to spend the afternoon with NatureScot policy & advice colleagues who will deliver a number of interactive sessions.

March 2022
Grad School Retreat
More details to follow
  • Introduction to mapping in R (11 April 2021)
  • MASTS online Grad School Retreat (17-25 March 2021)
  • Leader Conversation with Luc Bas (11 March 2021)
  • Homestretch: creative workshops for social, recuperative space during Lockdown
  • MASTS online 2020 Grad School Retreat (28-30 Oct 2020). See Programme here.
  • MASTS online Annual Science Meeting (5-9 Oct 2020), which included ECRS workshops on: Working with Policy-makersPresenting with impactHabits of a Productive Researcher and Fast Track Your Research Impact 
  • SNH Policy & Advice Seminar for Graduate Students (4 Nov 2020), with a focus on ecotourism, methods for monitoring marine SPAs; and nature based solutions.
  • Leader conversation with Michelle Stanley (5th June 2020)
  • Webinar: Top tips on CV writing and interview skills (15th May 2020)
  • Webinar: Having an Impact on Policy: A practical guide (12th May 2020)
  • Leader conversation with Martin Valenti (1st May 2020)
  • Turing PhD Enrichment Scheme
  • Communicating Science to make an impact (CREW, AM) & Evidence-based marine planning (MSS, PM). Policy day in Edinburgh, 20th Nov 2019.
  • SNH Policy & Advice Seminar for Graduate Students (20 Nov 2019). More details here.
  • Intellectual Property – perspectives from innovators and industry event (Oct 2019, run by IBioIC)
  • MASTS Annual Science Meeting (2-4 Oct 2019), which include workshops on data management and modelling, plus the option to join the Lunch with Leaders event.
  • Best practice in Training, Teaching & Interactive Learning(September 2019, organised by CEH)
  • Using drones to map habitats (July 2019, organised by CEH)
  • Evidence synthesis to inform policy and business decision-making (July 2019, organised by CEH)
  • How to further your career in Marine Science talks at the local ECSA meeting (30th April 2019 at Heriot Watt)
  • SAIC Aquaculture Innovation & Industry Engagement Programme
  • Logical and Critical Thinking – free online course
  • MASTS 2019 Grad School Retreat. See Programme here.
  • Writing retreat (19-23 Nov 2018)
  • MASTS-SNH Marine Policy Seminar(14 Nov 2018). Click on the titles to download the powerpoint presentations from this event. •Introduction to Scottish Natural Heritage (Carol Hume) •Mobilising marine benthic survey datasets – The Sound of Barra (Rona Sinclair) •Marine Protected Areas – A walk through the site selection process (Sam Black) •Scottish Entanglement Alliance (SEA) – Stakeholder engagement to reduce animal entanglement in fishing gears (Dr Kirstie Dearing) •Overview of SNH marine & coastal placement opportunities available for Masters/PhD students (Carol Hume)
  • Embrace your inner marine planner (14 Nov 2018)
  • MASTS Annual Science Meeting (31 Oct – 2 Nov 2018)
  • Time series models for ecologists(1-5 October 2018)
  • ECR Workshops: Vegan package in R and Leadership Skills in academia(20th Sept 2018)
  • Whalefish Professional Development Course – Marine Research Techniques & Conservation (Millport 10-12 August 2018)
  • Blueprint: The Future of Our Seas. Opportunity for public engagement training and practice (Oban, 30/31 July 2018)
  • Advanced Course – Living Oceans and Climate Change(7-13 July 2018, Portugal)
  • Communicating with the media and public, as part of the NERC Data Tree data management training course(21 June 2018, Edinburgh)
  • MASTS Grad School Retreat (14-16 March 2018)
  • SAGES Grad School Retreat (29/30 Nov 2017)
  • MASTS-SNH Marine Policy & Advice Seminar for Graduate Students (22 Nov 2017)
  • MEDIN guidelines and standards workshop (15/16 Nov 2017)
  • Understanding science policy in Scotland (9 Nov 2017)
  • MASTS Marine Renewable Energy & Marine Planning & Governance Forums Writing Retreat (5-10 Nov 2017)
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