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Artist looking for host organisation with marine acoustic technology research for ~3 month residency

My name is Victoria Evans I am an artist and researcher working in video and sound. I’m interested in ecology, acoustics, science and technology and I have access to funding to be embedded in an appropriate host organisation for up to three months. I’m a contemporary artist and researcher looking for an international artist’s residency opportunity with a scientific organisation. If I find the right opportunity I can apply for very generous AHRC funding through my PhD funding body SGSAH, so this will cover travel and living expenses for a period of up to three months, so there would be no cost to the host institution.

My practice-based PhD is called Where Do I End and You begin? Tuning into entangled worlds through time-based media. It entails making video and sound artworks that explore the world as interconnected, emergent, and interdependent. I’ve been a practicing artist since 2015 and I’m currently conducting SGSAH/ AHRCfunded PhD research at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art).

I have collaborated with scientists and technologists over a variety of projects. One of the strands of my research has involved the sonification of data; making audible the rhythms of environmental, organic, or cosmological cycles that might otherwise be difficult to perceive. I’ve done work both with satellite data and with tidal data, and through this I’ve become very interested in the potential that sound has to make the imperceptible perceptible in unusual and poetic ways, as well as how sound can physically connect events and objects over distance (I characterise this as a ‘touch from afar’).

Ideally, I’m looking for a residency in an inspiring scientific environment where I can perhaps explore the use of acoustic technologies, and – if this turns out to be a marine environment – learn more about underwater acoustic practices in science. My next film project will explore how sound travels through different solid, liquid and gaseous media, so a watery environment might feed very nicely into that project. Or there might be something else completely new that could emerge from the residency. Hopefully, either way, my skills in video and sound, and my general presence as an artist would be of some benefit to the host organisation as well as myself.

I’m very open to the form any residency might take and I’m very much looking for ideas and inspiration at this stage.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HERE: or contact Victoria here <[email protected]>

Example projects


A mobile app that allows users to experience the ‘tidesong’ of their local beach. Collaboration with UK Hydrographic Office, National Oceanographic Centre and Coding technologists. Inspired by the complex inter-related nature of the physical world, this immersive installation explores the way distant or invisible phenomena can have a tangible effect on our day-to-day lives. Through musical data sonification, Oscillations brings the experience of tidal rhythms to the middle of the city on an immersive physical level. Collaboration with computer scientists at Glasgow University.

Link to 12′ Audio and process notes on Inspace ‘Exhibition’ Website This sound composition is an experimental musical sonification of data from ESTRACK, the European Space Agency’s support network for international space missions. Collaboration with ESA scientist, Coding technologists, Sound Mixer/Mentor.

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