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BBC 3/BBC Scotland True Crime Documentary Request

NOTE FROM MASTS: This request was sent to MASTS 20th July 2022. If you would like to help out, please email Noor at the email provided below.

My name is Noor and I’m an Assistant Producer with Rogan Productions.

Rogan Productions is a multi-award-winning television production company that specialises in telling extraordinary true stories with integrity. You may have seen some of Rogan Productions films such as: Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation (BBC1); Freddie Mercury: The Final Act (BBC 2); and the recent Bafta award winning, Uprising (BBC 1).

I am working on a new true crime documentary series for BBC 3 focusing on an unsolved case that holds many unanswered questions that we will be filming over the coming months. The case that we’re looking at involves a body that was found on a beach and we’re keen on establishing an experiment to understand how the body ended up at the point it was found as well as how the person’s belongings may have been scattered via the tide using drifters. I wondered if you had drifters within your department and would be open to working with us on this and renting them to us? We have an oceanographer who would explain the experiment who could work in conjunction with your department, or, we wouldn’t need to mention your department if that is preferred.

We’d be looking at completing this experiment in mid-August.

Please do let me know if you have any further questions, I’d be very happy to answer them.

Noor Abdel-Razik

Assistant Producer

Rogan Productions

t.  +44 (0)141 440 6716

e. [email protected]


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