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BBC Blue Planet III – Story Call-Out, Content wanted!

Blue Planet III will use the latest filming techniques to reveal brand new and untold stories from the underwater world – connecting people to the magic of our oceans and highlighting their importance for the future of our planet.

For the third series, they are aiming to provide new insight into the lives of the diverse species that make their homes in our oceans, revealing never-before-seen behaviours to our audience against the backdrop of our changing planet. Therefore, we are currently looking for ground-breaking and exciting new wildlife stories and we are calling out to scientists, divers and ocean advocates to contact our team if they have seen any novel or interesting animal behaviours – anything from interspecies interactions, to behavioural adaptations to anthropogenic change, to new aggregations of wildlife or behavioural discoveries. They are currently trying to spread our message to as many people as possible.

As the team want to reach the people who are spending their time on the water and are therefore most likely to recognise exciting new behaviours that could be featured in the series – it would be hugely appreciated if they could work with the amazing community that MASTS have created to help inspire a new audience to connect with and protect Earth’s underwater wildlife.

Interested? email [email protected]

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