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Beyond Growth: Fishing for the Future in a Wellbeing Economy

Date: 13-14 June 2023

Location: Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sponsored by: The OECD Co-operative Research Programme: Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems and co-hosted by Seas At Risk

Co-hosted by The Lyell Centre and Seas At Risk


The aim of the Beyond Growth Symposium is to provide a new vision for operationalizing fisheries in a wellbeing economy.

With the post pandemic era compounded by the cost of living crisis, ever-present climate change and heightened inequalities, questions are being raised about the nature and balance of our economic systems that are predicated on perpetual expansion. Reallocating resources and re-calibrating existing systemic excesses into societal needs-based policies that support regeneration of the natural world, re-distributing economic activity more equitably and fostering respect for community development is called a wellbeing economy. Building a wellbeing economy requires embracing new ways of thinking, actively engaging in widespread systems innovation to generate real progress toward a healthier world and thriving lives for all.

Join us and other scientific, policy and industry leaders as we explore a new vision for operationalising fisheries in a wellbeing economy and the multi-dimensional pathways to get there.

Tickets are free and can be reserved here:

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