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Call for submissions for EcoMagazine “Marine Invasions” Special Edition

Due for publication in November 2022, ECO Magazine and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center now invites marine science professionals and technologists working on projects related to non-native marine species and biosecurity to express their interest in submitting content for this digital-only edition.

The ECO Magazine editorial team welcomes submissions in the form of written articles, webinars, videos, and podcasts under the following categories:

Theme 1: Species on the Move (topic examples include recent research on invasive species arriving due to environmental changes, storms/floods, or industry activities, and updated estimates on the impacts on native species and local economy)

Theme 2: Tools for Detecting and Monitoring Non-Native Species (topic examples include emerging tools such as eDNA, citizen science, and remote sensing)

Theme 3: Mitigation and Restoration (for example, case studies demonstrating international projects working to mitigate the spread and/or restore native populations, examples where the impacts have been mitigated)

Theme 4: Reducing the Spread (topic examples include policy or regulatory approaches to reduce the spread of non-native species, technology-based solutions used by industry, etc.)

Due to the increasing popularity of ECO Magazine’s digital Special Issues, spaces are limited. Interested parties are advised to fill out the submission form as soon as possible. From there, the editorial team will get in touch to discuss submissions and provide authors with an allocated word-count and a style guide. All final draft submissions are due by October 3, 2022.

Info and Submit here

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