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Delve Deeper: A 6 month distance learning course in Marine Biology with Newcastle University

Delve Deeper, the Distance Learning Course in Marine Biology at Newcastle University, is a 6 month online course, with practical experience delivered through the five day residential field course in May.

The course begins in March 2023.

Modules cover:

  • tropical, polar and coastal seas
  • the open ocean
  • life cycles and behaviour of sea organisms
  • the human impact on oceans

Participants can download and work through content, and complete online assessments. This course is suitable as Continuing Professional Development for those in the Environmental Sector branching into marine issues. It provides an excellent taster for those considering pursing full time studies or a career in Marine Science, and we also welcome those who are simply passionate about the marine world and wish to know more. The biology of marine organisms, the ecology of temperate coasts, deep sea environments, tropical systems, polar habitats, marine pollution, threats to the marine environment and marine management are all covered.

The Course Fee is £625 and includes all tuition and lunches on the fieldcourse.

For further details on how to book your place:

  1. website
  2. email [email protected]
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