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Eight new reports published from Scottish Marine Energy Research (ScotMER) programme

ScotMER was established by Scottish Government to support the sustainable development of offshore renewable energy developments in Scottish water. Key to ScotMER’s success is the collaboration of Scottish Government scientists, policy makers, and licencing colleagues, along with stakeholders from industry, academia, Non-Governmental Organisations and statutory nature conservation bodies (SNCBs). Together, we identify gaps in our knowledge surrounding the impacts of offshore renewable energy on the marine environment which ensures a shared common understanding of the research needs. ScotMER has then undertake targeted strategic research to better address these knowledge gaps and improve the evidence base to inform future decision making and research. Marine Scotland also hold ScotMER Symposium events to share new information widely and encourage discussion across industry, academics, advisors, and other stakeholders.

ScotMER research programme

The ScotMER programme is taking forward high priority research projects identified by the evidence maps.

Marine Scotland is collaborating with industry, Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies, other government departments, researchers, NGOs, and other interested stakeholders, across Scotland, the UK, and Europe, to conduct research that will further understanding of the environmental and socio-economic impacts of offshore renewables developments. This coordinated approach enables exploration of joint funding opportunities, cooperation across national boundaries, and the disseminated of new knowledge to inform future decision making.

The latest reports

These reports highlight new information in areas such as: fisheries, seabirds, climate change.

The eight 2022 publications:

Developing non-invasive tags to measure the energy expenditure of seabirds (1 July 2022)

Review of fish and fisheries research to inform ScotMER evidence gaps and future strategic research in the UK.   (30 June 2022)

Development of good practice guidance document for assessing fisheries displacement (30 June 2022)

Study to Develop Best Practice Recommendations for Combining Seabird Study Data Collected from Different Platforms (30 June 2022)

Study to examine the impact of climate change on seabird species off the east coast of Scotland and potential implications for environmental assessments. (30 June 2022)

Study to Examine how Seabird Collision Risk, Displacement and Barrier Effects Could be Integrated for Assessment of Offshore Wind Developments (30 June 2022)

Improving Our Understanding of Seabird Behaviour at Sea (30 June 2022)

Feasibility study to extend SeabORD to full breeding season (30 June 2022)

Public Perceptions of Offshore Wind Farm Developments in Scotland (29 June 2022)

For more information and previous publications please head to the ScotMER page here

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