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Funding call to open soon with marine themes included “addressing environmental challenges”, NERC highlight topics 2023

Total fund:£24,000,000
Award range:£3,000,000 – £6,000,000
Publication date:5 December 2022
Opening date:To be confirmed
Closing date:

The maximum cost of your project (100% full economic cost) can be between £3 million and £6 million, depending on the topic you choose.

Your project can last up to 4 years.

You must notify NERC of your intent to submit by 4:00pm on 15 February 2023.

Apply for funding to address 1 of 6 environmental ‘highlight topic’ research challenges.

Principal investigators and co-investigators may be involved in no more than 2 applications submitted to this funding opportunity. However, they may only apply as the principal investigator on 1 application.

We encourage multidisciplinary research and collaborations with other UK organisations. Other international and non-academic collaborators can be involved as project partners.

We encourage applications from diverse groups of researchers.

The inclusion of researcher co-investigators is encouraged where they have made a substantial intellectual contribution to the development of the application and will be engaged with the ensuing research.   .

Your application must address issues within only 1 of these topics: A, B, C etc.

The highlight topics in this funding opportunity are:

  • Topic A: risks and impacts of climate tipping points
  • Topic B: climate feedbacks from physical disturbance of the seafloor
  • Topic C: temperature and health: towards environmental solutions in a changing climate
  • Topic D: the risks and co-benefits of ocean alkalinity enhancement and related carbon dioxide removal strategies on marine ecosystems
  • Topic E: impacts of extreme weather events in Antarctica
  • Topic F: building understanding of natural coastal protection by gravel barriers in a changing climate

More information on the topics here. MASTS will announce when this call is open.

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