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iAtlantic lead, Murray Roberts, participates in core event discussion for UN Ocean Decades lab ‘An Accessible Ocean’ – recording available

On 10th to 12th May, UNESCO live-streamed their sixth Ocean Decade Laboratory on the Outcome “An Accessible Ocean”. The three-day event focused on good governance, open access to data, information and technologies. This is a challenging task that be achieved through cooperation across national borders and a system of information sharing and policy implementation that works for stakeholders across the globe. The sixth Ocean Decade Laboratory focused on these challenges as well as on the difficult task of translating scientific knowledge into concrete policies in order to tackle challenges like global warming and ocean pollution.

The first day saw many panel discussions with speakers from all around the world participating on the topic of an “accessible ocean”, one of whom was MASTS member Professor Murray Roberts from the University of Edinburgh. Prof. Roberts is the head of the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences & Changing Oceans Research Group & Coordinator of the European Horizon 2020 iAtlantic Project. The panel discussion “What Does Science Offer in Support of Sustainability Transformation” presented important showcases, processes, platforms etc. Problems were considered that would need input from the policy sphere, e.g. ICOS for marine carbon observations, GOOS or the EU Marine Board.

Watch the session here

More about the event, its speakers and programme can be found here

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