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Invitation to participate in the newly formed Early Career Ocean Professionals networkfrom European Marine Board

Did you know MASTS is a member of the European Marine Board? With MASTS being a member, this means all members of MASTS can participate in the EMB activities. Including their recent call for people from their member institutes to join their upcoming Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) forum.

From the EMB:

We as ambassadors want to get early careers from your organizations [MASTS partners] involved in the work of EMB and in linking marine sciences with policies. We are therefore organizing a forum for ECOPs of EMB members, with the support of the EMB secretariat and back to back to the EurOCEAN conference happening in October 2023 (in Vigo, Spain). This forum will offer EMB ECOPs an important networking opportunity, as well as training in marine policies and communication. Furthermore, our group will deliver outputs on how to engage ECOPs in the marine science-policy landscape. You can find more information on our forum here.

This forum will therefore be a great opportunity for your ECOPs and to highlight your organization. As we would love to make it happen with you, we invite you to share in this very short survey (link here),  on how you could participate to this ECOP forum, if you can help in any ways, if you can ensure the participation of ECOPs from your organization, or if one of your representatives could give a talk.

If you would liek to get involved follow the above links, and you can also contact Juliette Aminian Biquet (European Marine Board Young Ambassador) for more info:[email protected]

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