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Key Conservation Roles


When you think of conservation jobs do you envisage someone in the field counting Sea Turtle hatchlings or observing Mountain Gorillas? Although these conservation jobs exist (and can be very attractive!), they represent just a tiny fraction of the conservation sector.

Much bigger than you might imagine, conservation is an expanding, diversifying professional industry offering a dizzying array of conservation job types for job seekers. For example, on Conservation Careers to date we’ve listed over 50,000 conservation jobs which cover over 15,000 different job titles!

What are the top skills and behaviors’ conservation employers look for? Do conservation managers value education or experience more?

At Conservation Careers we’ve mapped 11 Key Conservation Roles and their requirements, based on 10 years of experience and our latest research.

This new ‘map’ to the conservation sector is designed to support aspiring conservationists and career switchers to navigate the sector and find their path.


Explore the key conservation roles here


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