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Launch of Ocean Partnerships – a new interdisciplinary networking opportunity to expand the impact of marine science

Ocean Partnerships (OP) is a networking opportunity launching on the 1st December 2022 for connecting those interested in the marine environment and the people and communities that rely upon it. OP is a iniative from both MASTS and Sustainable Management of Marine Resources (SMMR) UK.

The aim of OP is to connect people and foster collaborations.

OP recognises the need for practitioners from different disciplines to interact, exchange experiences and ideas. Based on key marine related themes, OP will run monthly online speed networking events designed to provide opportunities for people from the sciences, arts, policy, private and public organisations to meet to discuss topics of interest and develop contact networks and possible collaborations.

The OP will launch with a speed networking event at 13:00-14:00 on 1st December 2022 – the theme for the networking is around the topic of Ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance marine research’. The event will consist of a welcome introduction and then a series of one-on-one meetings for 5-10 minutes discussions over the course of the hour. We welcome participates from all sectors and disciplines to participate if interested in fostering new collaborations to protect and enhance our marine environment. The platform is designed to randomly introduce individuals with a view to you meeting people from different disciplines. We hope this will be allow you and many other to explore key challenges through different disciplinary lenses as this is a great way to offer new insights, spark novel ideas and future collaboration!

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