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MASTS Accessibility Guidelines and Pledges now published

MASTS is pleased to announce it has produced its own “Accessibility Guidelines and Pledges” to outline actions MASTS will undertake in its communications and events so that its content is as accessible as possible to those wish to engage with the organisation.

Download the PDF of the Accessibility Guidelines And Pledges – July 2022 here.

This document has been reviewed by a Digital Accessibility Officer and will be updated when necessary. Newer versions of the document will be uploaded to the MASTS Accessibility webpage.

We will also be providing speakers for any upcoming events, such as the MASTS Annual Science Meeting, with a document titled “Accessibility Guidance for Presenters” to ensure their talks can be as accessible as possible. Furthermore, for any in-person events MASTS will provide an access statement where further information about the venue’s access can be found.

If you have any comments about the above please email MASTS.

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