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MRes in Marine Science at SAMS


SAMS has launched a new and unique MRes in Marine Science.

The first intake will be this autumn, with applications still being taken for the 1st October start date. I’d be most grateful if you could share this fantastic new course with your relevant networks and I have shared some text and links below that you are free to use. If you would like more information, please contact programme leader Dr Bernadette Snow.

Course page SAMS:

News release:

UHI Page:

The MRes (Marine Science) research programme at SAMS, a partner of UHI, offers students the flexibility to study a range of topics, from the deep sea to coastal environments, including oceanography, biotechnology, marine governance and policy, plastic pollution, aquaculture and robotics.

Research projects can range from ‘blue sky’ science to applied research addressing pressing societal and environmental problems. You will gain knowledge in research design as well as in management and communication.

The programme is delivered by research-active scientists across multiple disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, geology and social sciences. Research projects can be field based, desktop or in laboratories.

The programme is based at SAMS, an internationally recognised and vibrant multi-disciplinary centre of expertise in marine environmental science. The course is administered and awarded by the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).

For further information, please contact: Dr Bernadette Snow:


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