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New Frontiers in Marine Science article collection: Ecological and Genetic Insights into Seaweeds’ Diversity and Adaptation

Frontier has launches a new article collection, Ecological and Genetic Insights into Seaweeds’ Diversity and Adaptation, together with an expert editorial team:

• Zi-Min Hu – Yantai University, Yantai, China
• Chaotian Xie – Jimei University, Xiamen, China
• Mahasweta Saha – Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, United Kingdom
• Yunxiang Mao – College of Fisheries and Life Science, Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Sanya, China
• Georgina Valentine Wood – University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
• Trevor Bringloe – The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia

We’re now in the process of putting together a group of top researchers whose work we’d like to feature in this collection, and we would like you to participate.
Hosted by Frontiers in Marine Science, This is a unique opportunity for us to collaborate and to showcase your research.

Submission deadline: 31 August 2022
All submitted articles are peer reviewed.

Click here to participate 

All published articles are subject to article processing charges (APCs). We work with leading institutions to ensure researchers are supported when publishing open access.
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About Frontiers in Marine Science
Finding ocean-based solutions to solve global challenges including overfishing, pollution, and climate change. Led by Field Chief Editor Carlos M. Duarte, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, our journal is the fourth most-cited in its field. More than 3,500 articles by 16,000 authors have received 14 million views and 13,000 citations. Impact Factor: 4.912 (as reported in the Journal Citation Reports by Web of Science) CiteScore: 5 (as reported in Scopus by Elsevier)


About Research Topics
Frontiers’ Research Topics are highly cited article collections, led by researchers around a game-changing idea and address topics from climate change to coronavirus. Find out more about Research Topics.


Research Topics can be listed in more than one journal. A list of contributing journals and sections is included on the homepage for this Research Topic – please choose the most relevant option when submitting your article. Check each journal page for information about its scope, accepted article types and APCs.
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