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New match making initiative for academics from Research Innovation Scotland: The Multidisciplinary Matchmaker

Do you have a good research idea but need to connect with researchers from outside your discipline and outside your university to make it great? The Scottish Research Pools and Partners want to help.

The Scottish Research Pools, through the Research Innovation Scotland collectivewant to support researchers to connect with Scottish academics across disciplines. This new scheme is focused around upcoming UKRI funding opportunities for multidisciplinary research, in relation to Objective 3 (World-Class Ideas). The UKRI Corporate plan states:

“To complement more directed interdisciplinary schemes, we will pilot a new cross-UKRI fully open interdisciplinary responsive mode programme to fund excellent ideas spanning traditional disciplinary boundaries, investing £65m over the spending review period beginning in 2023-24. This will fill an identified gap for bottom-up ideas without a natural ‘home’ council to apply to, ensuring we can fund the best ideas without disciplinary or domain constraints.”

If you either:

  1. have a research idea that aligns with the above criteria, and you need support connecting to other academics or industrialists from outside your discipline or just outside your current network; or
  2. would like to contribute your research expertise to a collaboration with such an idea,

then check out our Multidisciplinary Matchmaker page and fill in a short form. All information is available via the Research Innovation Scotland page. 


The Multidisciplinary Matchmaker is run by a group of Scottish Research Pools (SULSA, SICSA, ScotCHEM, SINAPSE, MASTS, SAGES and ETP) and Innovation Centres (CENSIS and IBioIC), through the Research Innovation Scotland collective. 

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