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New Resilient UK Coastal Communities and Seas research funding programme to be launched later in Spring 2023

A new Resilient UK Coastal Communities and Sea research programme has been announced on the 22nd of February with the release of a pre-announcement for a funding opportunity which will open in April 2023.

Total fund:£11,000,000
Award range:£2,500,000 – £3,000,000

The new programme is co-funded by ESRC, NERC, AHRC and Defra and aims to address the critical need for whole systems understanding and management of the UK coastal seas, its communities and the natural capital it supports, in order to meet UK governments’ priorities at a time when these seas are under increasing pressure from climate change.

Within the programme, we aim to support 3 to 4 research grants, beginning in April 2024 and lasting up to 54 months. The full economic cost of each project can be between £2.5 million to £3 million. Funders will fund 80% of the full economic cost.

This aim will be achieved by addressing the programmes objectives, which are to:

  • apply place-based approaches seeking to transform our understanding of climatic, environmental, health, economic, social, and cultural factors affecting coastal communities and seas
  • support the resilient management of UK coastal seas, coastal communities, and the natural capital these areas support by delivering the evidence base, tools and practical solutions needed to inform policy and apply transformative decision making, in collaboration with communities
  • build capacity and capability for transdisciplinary research and the mobilisation of research evidence within coastal communities and seas

The pre-announcement can be found on the UKRI here

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