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Ocean ARTic album now available

LIGHT WATER is BLACK WATER Album is now live on digital platforms, inc Apple, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Live stream it here on Spotify:

Access it here on Itunes:

This 7 track album was produced by Michael Begg as part of MASTS’ collaborative project Ocean ARTic.

Michael collaborated with researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany, the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Association for Marine Science to develop new musical work from data models describing the impact on atmospheric and ocean conditions as a consequence of diminished Arctic Sea ice. The work would have been impossible to realise without the research and data models created by Lukrecia Štulić, along with her colleagues Tido Semmler and Thomas Rackow. Thomas also provided field recordings. Sian Henley, at the University of Edinburgh, provided data and insight into the ‘Spring Bloom’ of biomass arising in May each year.

Ocean ARTic Showcase, 5th November 19:00 – 21:00, Online

At the Creative Informatics Lab, Michael and Ocean ARTic’ second artist, Even Mosher, will showcase their two creative works. The event is in-person and free to attend.  Register to attend the event here

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