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Offshore Wind Environmental Evidence Register (OWEER) V2 – call for contributions

JNCC are currently collecting information for the second version Offshore Wind Environmental Evidence register (OWEER), a register of all environmental evidence gaps and current research projects relating to offshore wind in the UK. This project was commissioned by The Crown Estate and is being run by Defra and JNCC. The aim of this project is to increase understanding of the current breadth and scope of the research field, help to reduce duplication, identify key funders and researchers, and improve the sharing of project findings relating to offshore wind.

The register acts as a central portal of (A) environmental evidence gaps and (B) current research projects related to offshore wind. It also acts as a publicly available resource, and aims to bring together all stakeholders in offshore wind to facilitate debate and change in the industry. The existence of the OWEER relies on contributions from stakeholders such as yourselves.

The first iteration of the OWEER was published in June 2021 and is freely available on the Crown Estate’s Marine Data Exchange (MDE) website.

For all contributors (whether you have contributed before or not), JNCC would ask that you;

  1. check Evidence Gaps and Existing Research projects within the register, which you have been involved in or recently commissioned (you can filter by contributor on both evidence gap and current project tabs in OWEER V1, see link above);
  2. confirm you are happy with the content attributed to your organisation; and
  3. provide new content or updates for any emerging issues or recently started research projects that may be missing from the latest version of the register.


JNCC have created a proforma for amending OR adding in new content to the register in this excel sheet: OWEER V2 Information Request Spreadsheet. The two tabs are divided into evidence gaps and current research projects, which feed into separate tabs in the OWEER. The OWEER is further subdivided into receptor groups as follows: benthic, ornithology, marine mammals, and, new for V2, fish. We would appreciate if you can collaborate within your organisation to provide a collective response for these 4 receptors if you have information for them, including forwarding this email internally if needed.

**The second register of the OWEER will be published in December 2021. Please send your filled out spreadsheet with either an update or new information if you haven’t provided before to [email protected] by COP Monday 1st November **

Please be aware that the information provided by you will be made public as the OWEER will be published on the Crown Estate’s data portal, the Marine Data Exchange (MDE). Therefore, please do not provide any confidential information unless it is explicitly marked as such.

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