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Offshore Wind Operational Report 2020 – The Crown Estate

The ninth Offshore Wind Operational Report is now published, it offers an in-depth insight into the UK’s offshore wind fleet. The data paints a picture of a mature, robust and healthy market which is progressing at pace to deliver a strong and sustainable pipeline in support of the nation’s net zero ambitions.

The report covers operational performance during the calendar year of 2020 and sets out the key areas of progress for the industry over the past year, including on data, health and safety, wind farm and OFTO performance, investment, and ownership.

It also features a look back at how the sector has stepped up during the Covid-19 pandemic; an overview of the Offshore Wind Evidence and Change Programme which seeks to gather and harness data and evidence to drive forward the sustainable and co-ordinated expansion of offshore wind; as well as the skills and diversity and inclusion initiatives that are paving the way for a robust future workforce for the industry.

The report can be found on our website here.

Please note that once again, given the current circumstances, the Crown Estate have taken the decision not to distribute hard copies of the report this year. If you feel any of your colleagues would find the report of interest, please do share this link with them.

The Crown Estate welcome your feedback, either through our online survey or by contacting Danielle Pyrah [email protected]

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