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Published from Scottish Government: Delivering Scotland’s Blue Economy Approach

This publication sets out the first phase of delivery towards the Scottish Government’s Blue Economy Vision (published March 2022). It provides a clear picture of where we are now in relation to the six Blue Economy outcomes and sets out our next steps in delivering a collaborative approach in Scotland.The six interconnected outcomes are defined to achieve social, environmental and economic goals, in tandem, for our seas, coasts and inter-linked freshwater habitats

The Vision
sets out the need for transformative change to create fairer, more prosperous, nature-positive marine sectors and communities. It defines our long-term ambition for shared stewardship of Scotland’s marine environment, which puts nature on a more equal footing with social and economic considerations. At its core, our vision recognises that economic prosperity and well-being are embedded within nature, and in order to harness blue opportunities, we must transform our economy and society to thrive within the planet’s sustainable limits. By delivering the Blue Economy Vision, we will ensure that our marine assets support Scotland’s wider goal to become a wellbeing economy as set out in the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

Scotland’s Blue Economy is defined as encompassing:

  •  all sectoral and cross-sectoral economic activities on, or related to, the ocean, coasts and interlinked freshwater environments
  •  the physical and ecological components of the marine environment
  •  all people connected to the sea
  •  relevant legislation, policies, programmes and international commitments
  •  scientific research that enables evidence-informed policy and evaluates success

Within the document, MASTS is highlighted as a key organisation for training the next generation of Scotland-based marine science researchers and decision makers, with over 165 postgraduate researchers passing through our graduate school. Furthermore, the international connections of MASTS and its members is recognised as promoting the “the world class education and training in marine science that Scotland can offer”.

Read the document here.

They will be holding open dialogue sessions with as wide a range of stakeholders as possible.  The sessions will be short and focussed and will take place on 7th and 8th December.  Each 20 minute session will be with one organisation, group or individual and will be for a maximum of 3 people per session.

If you would be interested in sharing your views with the Scottish Government Blue Economy team, you can choose from a number of sessions here.

We would encourage you to take this opportunity to discuss your views with the Blue Economy team.

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