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Rapid Reduction of Nutrients in Transitional Waters project (RaNTrans)

Rapid Reduction of Nutrients in Transitional Waters project (RaNTrans)

Project Rantrans is a 3year Interreg funded programme being delivered by Partners in England and France to contribute towards reductions in algal-mat coverage and coastal eutrophication, as well as providing further opportunities for novel methods to be developed into economical commercial main-stream operations.

Areas of work for this programme includes;

  • Algal mat removal and utilization of marine worms for conversion into aquaculture feed
  • Seaweed and Oyster farming which capture and cycle nutrients (bioremediation)
  • Bioactive extracts from seaweed for human benefits (antioxidants in foods, food supplements, nutraceuticals and medicines are considered from the perspective of benefits to human health).
  • Water quality monitoring as well as nutrients and algal growth mapping/modelling

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The Rapid Reduction of Nutrients in Transitional Waters project (RaNTrans) is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg France (Channel Manche) England Programme.

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