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Research Topic call: Blue Carbon – Beyond the Inventory

This Research Topic will coincide with an international Blue Carbon Conference at the Royal Society of Edinburgh in November 2021, during the UNFCCC COP26 climate negotiations; we seek to showcase Blue Carbon as a Nature-based Solution for Climate Change, People and Biodiversity. The conference theme identifies the growing climate mitigation opportunities presented by Blue Carbon, yet also seeks to highlight the emergent research that points to the wider climate mitigation services of carbon in the marine environment – what we are calling “beyond the inventory”. We welcome contributions that address the science and policy dimensions of Blue Carbon, particularly where these highlight opportunities and mechanisms for the protection, restoration and creation of Blue Carbon habitats. We also welcome case-study examples that highlight successful partnerships in a wide range of international settings and would particularly encourage contributions that show-case legal, policy or investment opportunities.

Our goal is to build momentum through the Ocean-Climate dialogue within UNFCCC to ensure that Blue Carbon is realized as an important Nature-based Solution for Climate Change, People and Biodiversity.

The Research Topic will be united by a focus on Blue Carbon in a broad sense, including marine ecosystems which extend beyond vegetated coastal habitats. We wish to attract policy-relevant contributions to help raise ambition for Nature as a contribution to the UNFCCC COP26 process, yet we also wish to encourage Blue Carbon conversations beyond the frameworks of the IPCC and capture new ideas and opportunities to account for and manage carbon in a wide range of marine ecosystems.

More information and abstracts here

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