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Scientific Call For Ocean-Based Action To Tackle The Climate Crisis

Published on the Ocean Panel website a “Scientific Call For Ocean-Based Action To Tackle The Climate Crisis”. The call is on all parties to the UNFCCC

  • Incorporate ocean-based measures in mitigation and adaptation strategies, plans and policies, taking into account the best available science and ensuring sustainability.
  • Account for all ocean-based sources and sinks in national inventories and accounting frameworks in accordance with IPCC guidance, including the 2013 IPCC Wetlands Supplement.
  • Commit to sustainably manage 100% of the ocean area under national jurisdiction and protect 30% of the ocean by 2030 to build the resilience of our oceans and ocean-dependent communities and harness ocean-based mitigation opportunities.
  • Increase investment in ocean science capacity to fill data gaps and digitise information on ocean-based sources and sinks, including coastal and marine ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrasses, coral reefs, salt marshes and kelp.

Read more here and see signatures 

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