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Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind for Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas Decarbonisation (INTOG)

As you may now be aware, the Scottish Government have launched a consultation exercise on a new offshore wind planning round.

This new planning round, a Sectoral Marine plan for Offshore Wind for Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas Decarbonisation (INTOG), is designed to identify new potential areas for offshore wind development that will specifically target the electrification of oil and gas infrastructure in Scottish waters (out to 200 NM).  This round will also examine potential options for smaller (<100 MW) innovation or test and demonstration projects in our waters.

This planning exercise builds upon the Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy, adopted in October 2020, and the environmental and socio-economic findings therein.  An opportunity and constraint analysis has been undertaken to identify Areas of Search for projects targeting oil and gas decarbonisation and areas of exclusion, where no projects will be considered, under this planning round.

This is just the first stage in the Sectoral Marine Planning process to identify and refine the Areas of Search before any seabed leasing, managed by Crown Estate Scotland, takes place.  We welcome your views on the Areas of Search, the excluded areas and on any of the information described in the Planning Specification report.  All responses to the consultation will help inform the next stages of plan development and shape the areas and plan moving forward.

All responses can be provided, by 20 October 2021, to the consultation online at:    or by email to [email protected].

Responses can be provided by post to:
Sectoral Marine Planning – INTOG
Marine Scotland
Victoria Quay

Please note, however, that written responses may take longer to be added to the portal due to restrictions on access to the office at this time.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact the Sectoral Marine Planning team on [email protected]


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