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Sightings of Orca in Scotland wanted by ECOPreds Citizen Science project

Have you been lucky enough to watch killer whales in Scotland? Or do you enjoy watching seals in areas visited by killer whales? Do you have images or footage of killer whale foraging behaviour? – Either way, we would love to learn from your observations and recordings.

We are looking for sighting reports and image/footage of killer whale foraging behaviour – which could be simply patrolling coastal waters, swimming past a seal, or attempting to capture seals or other prey species. These data will help us to understand 1) their foraging effort (when and where they search for prey), and 2) diet composition when in coastal waters – what proportion of encounters involve grey seals, harbour seals, or other species such as as harbour porpoise.

We are interested in images and footage from around the entire Scottish coastline. To contribute existing, “old” images or footage to the study (defined as prior to 1st April 2021), we ask that the flights followed these guidelines for retrospective footage to ensure they were collected in a legal and responsible manner.


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