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Statement of community need: NERC scientific support and facilities

Tell NERC what you need from the next generation of NERC’s scientific support and facilities (S&F).

They want to hear about S&F ideas that are essential to the delivery of environmental science over the next five to 10 years.

These could be ideas for:

  • new facilities
  • current facilities
  • evolving current facilities to provide new or enhanced capabilities.

To share your ideas with NERC you must submit a statement of community need. Only ideas submitted to NERC via this opportunity will be considered for inclusion in the future S&F portfolio.

We want to hear from:

  • eligible UK higher education institutions
  • NERC research centres
  • independent research organisations.

No direct funding will be available through this opportunity. A successful outcome will be a future funding opportunity.

Deadline 22/6/21

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We’re working behind the scenes to bring you a suite of useful, and updateable, resources including: 

  • Find an expert
  • Find facilities & equipment
  • MASTS Publications


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