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Survey : Priority questions in acoustic backscatter research (deadline 25 Nov)

Dear colleague,

We would like to invite you to contribute to a forward-looking manuscript to help define the priority questions in acoustic backscatter research in the next 5-10 years. We believe that your expert knowledge and insight will be valuable in helping to guide the future research agenda for applications and use of acoustic backscatter. This work will be based on a Delphi-like online survey of expert opinions, very much like the recent effort to define priority questions in the field of seascape ecology (, which strongly inspired our work here.

This effort will be conducted in 5 stages:

Stage 1: Participants will submit initial questions (maximum of 3) with a short written justification for each question (50-100 words for each question). Questions must be of broad relevance, answerable through a realistic research design, should not be answerable by a simple Yes or No, and should produce factual, objective answers associated with a measurable outcome.

Stage 2: Our lead team will review the questions and if necessary, combine them under themes.

Stage 3: Participants will pick their top ten from a complete list of all submitted priority questions (comments are optional).

Stage 4: The lead team will draft the text around the prioritization of questions/themes by participants Stage 5: Review and comment on the draft manuscript and revisions, as needed and upon request from our lead team.

Your contribution, if you accept, would be required for stages 1 and 3. Participation in stage 5 will be optional.

Please notify us at [email protected] by the 18th of November to confirm whether you wish to be involved. Your questions will then be expected by November 25th.

Please forward this invitation to colleagues in academia, government, NGOs, or industry with the appropriate expertise in acoustic backscatter.

We look forward to your response,

Kind regards,

Philippe Blondel (University of Bath, United Kingdom; [email protected]) Vincent Lecours (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada; [email protected]) Vanessa Lucieer (University of Tasmania, Australia; [email protected]) Chris McGonigle (Ulster University, United Kingdom; [email protected]) Benjamin Misiuk (Dalhousie University, Canada; [email protected]) Giacomo Montereale-Gavazzi (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium; [email protected])


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