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UK Parliament call for evidence: Nature-based solutions for climate change

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, under the Chairmanship of Lord Patel, is conducting an inquiry into Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change to assist in achieving the UK’s target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The committee invites written contributions by 12noon on Friday 10 September 2021.

The Committee is seeking evidence on the following questions (there is no requirement to answer all questions in your submission):

1. What is the potential scale of the contribution that nature-based solutions can make to decarbonisation in the UK?

2. What major scientific uncertainties persist in understanding the effects of nature-based solutions and affect their inclusion in carbon accounting, and how can these uncertainties be addressed?

3. What frameworks already exist for the regulation and financing of nature-based solutions?#

4. Who are the key stakeholders for the implementation of nature-based solutions in the UK? How can stakeholders’ expertise and concerns inform the incentives and requirements for implementing nature-based solutions?

5. How should implementation of nature-based solutions be integrated with other government policies for landscapes and seascapes, for example, agricultural, forestry, and land-use planning policies?

6. How should nature-based solutions be planned and monitored at the national level?

Short, concise submissions are preferred. Scientific and technical content should be accessible to non-specialist readers. Responses should not be longer than four sides of A4 in size 12 font. There is no requirement to answer all questions in your submission. You may tell us about issues that we have not specifically asked about, but that are relevant to the topic of the inquiry.

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