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“Vegetated coastal ecosystems: Bridging disciplines to understand Blue carbon dynamics under global change”


Blue carbon ecosystems are coastal vegetated environments that are among the most carbon-dense ecosystems on Earth. They include salt marshes, mangroves, seagrasses and, more recently, macro-algae. These ecosystems provide nature-based solutions essential to mitigate residual anthropogenic carbon emissions, while also delivering co-benefits such as biodiversity support or coastal protection. Yet, coastal vegetated ecosystems are increasingly under pressure from climate change and local anthropogenic activities that are already affecting their carbon dynamics. There is a pressing need to better address those global changes impacts by better understanding the carbon cycle in these ecosystems.

The purpose of this session is to foster a convergence of scientists from multiple disciplines, including biogeochemists, ecologists, geographers, geologists, social scientists, biologists, and also environmental managers.

The Blue carbon sessions at EGU will be held on 14 -19th April ,Vienna and online. Abstract submissions are now open.

Deadlines: 10th Jan, but for early career scientists 10th Dec for travel grant!

Underrepresented scientists are warmly encouraged to apply!


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