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Winners of the MASTS Emerging from Lock-down grants

With awards of up to £5,000, we would like to congratulate the following recipients of the MASTS 2021 Emerging from Lockdown small grants round.

  • EFLSG1: The role of calcareous biomolecules in the dissolution of coral reef skeletons: a material science approach (Nicola Allison, St Andrews University)
  • EFLSG2: How vulnerable are Scottish loch-head salt marshes to climate change? (Thorsten Blake, Glasgow University)
  • EFLSG3: Species identification in the deep and dark: using Loch Etive’s Bonawe Deep as a proving ground for new technology (Andrew Brierley, University of St Andrews)
  • EFLSG5: Proteomic approach to characterise the functional differences between blubber layers in harbour porpoises (Davina Derous, University of Aberdeen)
  • EFLSG7: The Role of Exopolymeric Substances (EPS) in the Formation of Marine Snow (Tony Gutierrez, Heriot Watt University)
  • EFLSG8: Quantifying the significance of macroalgal detritus for marine food webs and blue carbon sequestration in Scottish sea lochs (Richard Gwynne-Jones, University of Aberdeen)
  • EFLSG9: Insights into marine vessel traffic and marine mammal usage of a busy urban waterway (Emily Hague, Heriot Watt University)
  • EFLSG12: Integrating genomics and metabolomics to understand climate change response in marine species (Kara Layton, University of Aberdeen)
  • EFLSG14: Novel whole genome sequencing of Scottish maerl species (Connie Simon-Nutbrown, Heriot Watt University)
  • EFLSG17: Demystifying data logging platforms and their sensors. A short course in platform, design, programming and construction (Rene Swift, University of St Andrews)
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