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Winners of the MASTS Marine Biogeochemistry Forum Small Grant Round

Well done to the below projects which were awarded small grant round of funding from the MASTS Biogeochemistry Fourm:

  • MBFSG52: Fragile Cold-Water Coral Reefs: 3D Analysis of Lophelia pertusa’s Aragonite Crystal Structure (Kelsay Barnhill, Edinburgh University)
  • MBFSG53: Investigating the Carbon Storage of Marine Sediments in the Moray Firth Region (Kirsty Black, University of St Andrews)
  • MBFSG55: Tracing the source: Terrestrial carbon in marine sediments off the east coast of Scotland (Corallie Hunt, University of St Andrews)
  • MBFSG56: Blue Carbon Sources in Scottish Maerl Beds (Kelly James, Glasgow University)
  • MBFSG59: Investigating geochemical indicators of past coral bleaching on the Belizean Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (Sophie Plant, Glasgow University)

To see what other funding opportunities MASTS has please head to our Funding page here

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