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3 training dates available for Marine Data Management, Governance and the MEDIN toolset (free!)

The Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) and OceanWise are delighted to announce the 2022-23 course dates for our free online workshop: Marine Data Management, Governance and the MEDIN toolset.

The courses will take place on the following dates:

Each run of the course takes place over 5 days with live lessons in the morning and independent learning in the afternoons.

The course can be taken as a whole, or attendees can select modules according to two streams: Marine Data Governance; or Practical MEDIN. Some modules are common to both streams, for example, modules on marine data management principles and components.

The Marine Data Governance stream consists of some elements of general data management best practice, suitable for anyone wishing to improve their data management skills; as well as some higher-level elements suitable for those wishing to enact wider improvements to data management practice across a team or organization.

The practical MEDIN stream also contains elements of general data management with a focus on tools that MEDIN use to facilitate good data management and governance. The practical side to this stream aims to familiarise attendees with creating MEDIN compliant data and metadata.

The course features interactive training and discussion sessions, quizzes, and assignments to help users become familiar with:

  • Why data management is important and how it can and arguably should be part of an organisations business management framework alongside quality, occupational health and safety, and information security.
  • The role of a data policy and management plan, and how data can be shared, published, and re-used.
  • Data management principles, standards, and components, including data lifecycle and quality, the role of vocabularies (or data dictionaries) and the importance of creating, maintaining, and publishing metadata.
  • The resources and other benefits of MEDIN and practical instruction in the use of the MEDIN data guidelines, metadata standard and controlled vocabularies.
  • How data management ‘best practice’ can improve organisational efficiency in data acquisition, analysis, curation and sharing. It covers data use with respect to corporate risk, re-use, audit, and traceability, whilst at the same time helping minimising costs.

If you have any questions, please contact Roseanna Wright via her email here.

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