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Call for expressions of interest: Pathways to Postdoctoral Grants. Deadline: 11 September

Future Earth is an international research program with a mission to accelerate transformations to global sustainability through research and innovation. To this end, it supports a global network that harnesses the experience and capacity of thousands of scientists and innovators to facilitate research, catalyze innovation, and synthesise knowledge.

To address the multifaceted challenges involved in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Future Earth’s Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability Initiative seeks to support the production of knowledge and enhance the understanding of systemic interactions, competing development agendas, and transformations in concrete contexts across diverse temporal and spatial scales. The Pathways Initiative aims to promote pathways research and develop and support agenda-setting, synthesis, and capacity building activities around pathways for sustainability. Governing these actions is the overall objective of fostering an active international research community making a strong contribution to pathways for sustainability in practice.

This Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) aims to encourage and enhance collaboration between various research communities working on pathways for sustainability within and beyond the Future Earth community. The call particularly – but not exclusively – targets Future Earth’s Global Research Projects (GRPs)Knowledge Action Networks (KANs) and researchers who have been involved in the Belmont Forum Pathways and/or Transformations 2 Sustainability (T2S) Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs) (*see eligibility section for more details).


This Pathways Initiative call encourages the development of new interdisciplinary and international collaborations between scientists to carry out synthesis of knowledge to support a critical reflection and analysis about the development of pathways for sustainability in practice. Each submitted proposal will focus on one research theme related to pathways for sustainability. Examples of research themes include, but are not limited to, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, land use management, urban transition, water management, sustainable fisheries, etc.



A Pathways Project will focus on synthesising and reflecting upon the development of pathways for sustainability on a specific theme (e.g. biodiversity, fisheries, land use, etc.).

Each project consists of a Working Group forming an international and interdisciplinary team (with diversity in terms of geography, discipline, gender, and career stage) including two Scientific Co-leads and one Postdoctoral Researcher.


The Postdoctoral Researcher will be funded by the Grant for a duration of 24 months (to a maximum of 60,000 euros per year including 25% for running costs and overhead).

Submission of EOI

Applicants who have any questions regarding the EOI should submit their questions by email to: [email protected]

The deadline to submit the EOI is 11 September 2022, 23:59 CEST

A lot more information can be found here

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