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Call for Proposals from Early Career Researchers: Nature Enhancement at Marine Offshore Energy Sites (NEMOES)

We are seeking a highly motivated Early Career Researcher to lead research on the theme of “Nature enhancement at marine offshore energy sites”. The research will provide an opportunity to lead on an exciting and developing area and to collaborate with academic, industry, public sector, and Scottish Government partners to deliver an outcome that can influence decision-making. Find out more.

Anyone interested in completing this research should submit a completed application form to [email protected] by the deadline. Up to £50k is available to bid for and salary costs can be included. The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday 9th June at 12:00 local time. The project must be housed at a MASTS partner institute.

Below are any questions (and answers) related to this call that have been submitted by potential applicants.

Q – How should I include a non-funded senior lecturer in my application? A – Their time can be included as an ‘in-kind’ contribution.

Q – What formats are suitable for the National Marine Plan Interactive? A – There are two routes for publishing spatial data on the Marine Scotland website. NMPi and Marine Scotland information. NMPi was designed to accept shapefile vector format or geotiff raster format.  Ideally any data should be accompanied by metadata using the MEDIN standard. Data bundles can also be uploaded to MSI (here’s an example of a previous blue carbon project Sediment type and surficial sedimentary carbon stocks across the United Kingdom’s Exclusive Economic Zone and the territorial waters of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands | Marine Scotland Data Publications ).



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