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ClimateXChange Funding Opportunity- Marine Scotland

Note: Submissions must be received by noon on Friday 22 October 2021

ClimateXChange wishes to commission research to review climate vulnerability assessments of Scotland’s marine environment and marine economy.
Climate vulnerability assessments have been applied to a wide range of natural and social systems to identify those most susceptible to adverse effects of climate change (as per the IPCC definition of vulnerability1 ). These assessments involve looking at the exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity. Impacts of climate change on the marine environment and activities within it have recently been documented in the MCCIP2 and Scotland’s Marine Assessment publications3.

This review will be part of the evidence informing the climate change theme within Scotland’s Fisheries Management Strategy 2020-20304 and will subsequently contribute to the delivery of the Blue Economy Strategy aims – “to support a green recovery and just transition, with sustainable growth of the blue economy underpinned by environmental protection (Programme for Government 2021/225 )”..

ClimateXChange research is funded in three ways:

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellows (PDRFs) who work in Universities and have individual work plans agreed with the relevant Scottish Government policy division, see our Areas of expertise
  • Dedicated CXC resource through SEFARI  – Scotland’s environment, food and agriculture research institutes, which are independent research organisations funded to do applied and strategic research for the Scottish Government’s rural affairs, food and environment portfolio 
  • A commissioning budget, used for projects where we do not already have expertise through the above funding streams

Current research grants, our commissions and vacancies in the secretariat are listed here.


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