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HACK4OCEANS – EUROPEAN COMMISSION DG MARE Youth Innovation event on Sustainable use of the Ocean

HACK4OCEANS is an intense 2-day hackathon-style event that brings together students in blue economy-relevant disciplines from across Europe, private sector stakeholders, and policymakers. Participants will co-create and explore ideas that link the goal of a healthy marine environment with new opportunities for jobs and prosperity.

Challenges addressed at the event will include:

  • Marine Litter: How might we engage citizens and organisations in preventing marine litter? How might we put a stop to plastics and other litter related pollution coming from land/river sources? Can we better address pollution from ghost gear (fishing gear lost at sea)?
  • Ocean and Climate Change: How might we boost offshore clean energy production and manage the impact of sea level rise and other effect of CC for coastal communities?
  • Coastal Ecosystems: How might we better protect European coastal ecosystems from urban development and erosion? How can we better engage society in protecting and conserving marine biodiversity?
  • New sustainable foods and resources: How might we develop new sustainable food sources coming from the ocean? How might we engage European societies/citizen to introduce new sources of ocean food in their diets / new oceanic resources in their everyday life?

The event presents an outstanding opportunity for students to apply their creativity to complex real-world problems, to see practical applications of their studies, and to enrich their understanding of the context of their future jobs by networking with professionals from several industries.

HACK4OCEANS II will take place in Brussels on 23 and 24 November 2022.  

Participation in the event is free. Further, EU DG MARE will cover travel expenses and provide accommodation for students taking part in the event. 

Students must apply to take part in the event via:

Non students can apply to take part in the event via:

After a brief review of applications, 100 students and 40 professionals from across Europe will be invited to join the event, based on the suitability of their profiles.

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