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Innovative food from marine and freshwater ecosystems

In line with the European Green Deal objectives, the farm to fork strategy for a fair healthy and environmentally friendly food system, the EU bioeconomy strategy and blue growth strategy, the successful proposal will support environmentally friendly, inclusive, safe and healthy seafood production through innovation in the supply chain.

Projects results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Implementation of the ecosystem approach for sustainable management of marine or freshwater fisheries or in aquaculture development.
  • Wider and more diverse range of seafood (including from fresh waters) available to European consumers, and greater overall seafood consumption.
  • Tools to limit the waste and discarding of seafood during production, processing, transport and consumption, including the minimisation of the environmental impacts of fisheries and aquaculture through better gears or practices.
  • Verification of existing and development of new seafood processing methods that add nutritional and economic value and minimise the environmental impact.
  • Improved professional skills and competences of those working and being trained to work within the blue economy.


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