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Marine Ecology Progress Series have launched a new Theme Section on marine functional connectivity (deadline 31 August)

The SEA-UNICORN network together with Marine Ecology Progress Series have launched a new Theme Section on marine functional connectivity.

Submission deadline is 31 August.

More information here

Marine functional connectivity (MFC) refers to the exchange of biomass, individuals, genes, and species through the collective movements of all marine organisms during their lifetime. Despite advances in techniques that measure or infer the distributions and spatial dynamics of marine species, further research in this emerging field is urgently required to meet global sustainable development goals by 2030. Extensive and comprehensive knowledge on MFC is needed to (1) fully understand the relationships between marine communities and their heterogeneous habitats, (2) accurately quantify the fluxes of matter and energy at sea and at the land–sea interface, and (3) forecast how environmental drivers may change the services provided by marine habitats and species. Thus, advancing MFC research is pivotal for improving management and conservation strategies, at sea and in littoral areas.


This Theme Section aims to highlight the range of approaches and scales for studying MFC, and to illustrate the diversity of ecosystems and taxa investigated worldwide. We encourage contributions that advance knowledge of MFC, provide an understanding of how MFC underpins ecosystem functioning, and illustrate how MFC results can be applied to better manage marine and coastal habitats or species. As examples, applied techniques may include recent developments in biologging, genetics, biomarkers, and biophysical modelling, applied either independently or in combination.

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