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Marine Fund Scotland 2023 to 2024 – now open!

The Marine Fund Scotland 2023-24 opened for applications 11 April 2023. This £14m funding pot is available for individuals, businesses, organisations and communities to deliver projects that contribute to an innovative and sustainable marine economy, reducing carbon emissions, and supporting coastal communities.

Projects should aim to deliver benefits of the desired outcomes from the following categories, which relate to Scotland’s Blue Economy Vision:

  • Innovation and economic impact
  • Sustainable, high-quality seafood
  • Achieving net zero
  • Successful communities
  • Delivery of quality projects

The Marine Fund Scotland 2023-24 is one of the ways that the Scottish Government will support Scotland’s marine sectors to help Scotland achieve the Blue Economy Vision. Most of the outcomes that the Marine Fund Scotland 2023-24 aims to support are based on the outcomes in the Blue Economy Vision document. The questions in the application process for the Marine Fund Scotland are designed to help us understand how your project will deliver against these Blue Economy outcomes.
The Marine Fund Scotland 2023-24 has also been designed to help support approaches in Scotland’s Future Fisheries Management strategy and Scotland’s Strategy for Seafood.

If you’re interested in applying to this fund, you must be registered on the new Marine Scotland portal. Complete information on the fund can be found here and for further guidance on the application process, contact [email protected].

Deadline? Not mentioned!

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