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NERC funding: environmental science public engagement 2023 to 24 (deadline: 27 March)

Funding type:Grant
Total fund:£130,000
Award range:£3,000 – £10,000
Publication date:19 January 2023
Opening date:
Closing date:

The ‘exploring public engagement with environmental science 2023’ funding opportunity aims to support environmental scientists at a variety of career stages to bridge the gap of their public engagement goals and is designed to:

  • be flexible, practical, and easy to access for a broad range of people. This includes environmental science researchers at all stages of their careers, public engagement professionals, and individuals and groups outside of academia
  • ensure partners outside of academia are treated equitably, and in ways that work for them
  • provide opportunities for researchers with limited public engagement experience, including PhD students and early career researchers, to learn by doing public engagement with environmental science research

Projects may request between £3,000 and £10,000 from this funding opportunity.

Applications can include fully justified, direct costs, incurred in delivering the project. The budget and costings must be based on valid estimates.

Funding requests may include, for example:

  • staff resources including administration, coordination, or contributions to salaries (where a named individual will undertake work that would not be considered part of their normal duties as set out by their employer)
  • sub-contracting of services
  • funding that would enable public or community partners to take part, including time and expenses for partners involved in the projects
  • facilitation of meetings, training events, etc.
  • resources for public engagement activities
  • non-staff resources including the cost of materials, travel and subsistence, meetings, events, consumables, materials, equipment, and evaluation costs. Travel and subsistence costs should adhere to UKRI’s travel and subsistence policy
  • the costs of additional childcare, beyond that required to meet the normal contracted requirements of the job, and that cover time directly related to the project. This may be requested as a directly incurred cost. However, childcare costs associated with normal working patterns may not be sought


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