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NERC large grant to tackle big environmental science questions (deadline: March 2023)

Total fund:£12,000,000
Award range:£1,200,000 – £3,700,000
Publication date:2 December 2022
Opening date:
Closing date:

You must be:

  • a UK resident
  • employed by an eligible UK research organisation

Your project must be predominantly within NERC’s remit, although we will fund research that crosses over into other research council areas.

Funding of between £1.2 million and £3.7 million (at 100% full economic cost) is available for projects lasting up to 5 years.

We will fund 80% of your project’s full economic cost for most UK costs with some exceptions.

You can submit a proposal in any area of environmental science, provided it is predominantly within a research area or subject associated with NERC’s remit.

We also welcome multidisciplinary proposals that cross into other research council areas.

We’re looking for proposals that can support pure, applied, technology-led or policy-driven research but still address (or provide the means to address) clearly-defined scientific questions.

We expect that the research projects we fund will have the potential to be world-leading.

Large research projects must tackle big science questions. To achieve this, they will often involve multidisciplinary approaches. We expect your proposal to show several interdependent components (we call these work packages) interacting in a single overall structure.


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