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New funding opportunity through the Energy Technology Partnership (Hydro Nation Water Innovation Programme) (no deadline)

Over the last 12 years Energy Technology Partnership has funded more than 230 knowledge exchange research projects between Scottish SMEs and academia across a broad range of low carbon energy topics which are contributing to the Scottish Government’s zero carbon emission targets.

Now the new 4-year ETP Hydro Nation Water Innovation Programme (HNWIP) seeks to strengthen the delivery of the Scottish Government’s overarching Hydro Nation ambition and improve industry-academic engagement in the water sector. It aims to support both the development and operation of a new academic and business network and enable greater coordination of, and access to, Scotland’s academic strengths relating to water.

HNWIP includes the appointment of 2 dedicated FTE Business Development Managers with responsibility to enable academic coordination, create a pipeline of projects supporting company R&D including bringing new, innovative technologies to market more quickly, and develop the Scottish water-sector network to enable new collaborations.

This is an open call.

Underpinning this activity is an industry engagement fund for small knowledge exchange research projects between industry and academia. Consequently, ETP is now looking to fund innovative SME projects in areas such as:

  • Decarbonisation of water supply and treatment
  • Contaminated water and wastewater treatment (including filtration, UV treatment etc.)
  • Energy generation using water (including anaerobic digestion, energy scavenging, water source heat pumps, hydro-electric, and run-of-river)
  • Resource management, reuse and recycling (including sludges)
  • Distribution – water pipelines, trains, tanks and plumbing
  • Mechanical equipment for industrial processing (including pumps, valves, filters, energy efficient equipment etc.)
  • Water efficiency products and processes
  • Smart management of water, sensors, instrumentation, data analytics and related services
  • Pipe, drain and sewer cleaning

Scottish SMEs with projects in these areas in this field can apply to HNWIP for up to £10k of funding to support working with the Scottish university research community to develop new products and processes.

Please contact Stephen-Mark Williams at ETP for more information.

Email: [email protected]  Tel: 07970 245 708

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