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Resilient UK coastal communities and seas: outline stage (Closes on 13 July 2023 4:00pm UK time )

Opportunity status :Open
Total fund:£11,500,000
Award range: £2,500,000 – £2,900,000
Publication date: 17 April 2023
Opening date:
Closing date:


Aim of the investment

This programme will address the critical need for a transdisciplinary and a whole systems understanding of the resilience of UK coastal seas, coastal communities, and the natural capital these areas support. To support collaboration with stakeholders to build understanding and enable transformative decision-making utilising natural capital or other approaches. The programme will enhance community knowledge mobilisation and improve resilience in the management of UK coastal areas and seas.

Objectives and desired outcomes

  • apply place-based approaches to transform our understanding of climatic, environmental, health, economic, social, and cultural factors affecting UK coastal communities and seas
  • develop the resilient management of UK coastal seas, coastal communities, and the natural capital these areas depend on and support, by delivering the evidence base, tools and practical solutions
  • inform policy and enable transformative decision making in collaboration with local communities
  • build capacity and capability for transdisciplinary research and the mobilisation of research evidence within UK coastal communities and seas

The anticipated long-term outcomes of the programme will be a coordinated network of academics, policy makers, communities and wider stakeholders that are able to implement scalable solutions to improve the resilience, health and wellbeing of UK coastal communities.

Thematic areas

Proposals for the research projects should take a transdisciplinary approach, to address at least two of the following thematic areas.

  • Understand the impacts of climate change on UK coastal areas to build resilience of marine environments and coastal communities, and to enhance ocean literacy
  • To enhance resilience in UK coastal areas by understanding the challenges experienced by coastal communities, and the potential effects on the natural environment
  • Articulate the value and benefits of coastal environments and communities to transform decision making and improve outcomes



A webinar for interested parties will be held on 2 May 2023 at 2pm, registration is required and there will be an opportunity to submit questions in advance


Full details are available on the Funding Finder Resilient UK coastal communities and seas: outline stage – UKRI

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