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Sea Changers Innovation Fund 2022 launched (deadline 18 September)

The fund’s focus is on supporting new and experimental solutions to marine conservation challenges. The fund is open for application until 18th September. 

In 2022 the Innovation Fund totals £30,000. £10,000 of this will be awarded to projects developing novel solutions to the problem of plastics that damage the marine environment. A further £10,000 will be awarded to Scottish based projects with the final £10,000 earmarked for projects across the rest of the UK. Sea-Changers envisages making between 3 and 15 grant awards from the 2022 Innovation Fund. The absolute maximum that can be applied for is £10,000 for any one project.

The fund is open to a wide range of UK based organisations including: charities and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations, companies, schools, universities or students who are carrying out marine conservation related activities, and community groups. The fund’s focus is on supporting new and experimental solutions to marine conservation challenges. We are keen to ensure we get the word out far and wide about this exciting funding opportunity and we hoped you may be able to help us. We would love it if you were able to share news of this fund to anyone in your network who you think may be interested in applying or finding out more.

The Innovation Fund is supported by Liga and the William Grant Foundation with a further donation from an anonymous family trust.

Full details on how to apply found here. The application form and guidelines for applicants can also be downloaded directly from there.

The Innovation Fund applications will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Degree of innovation and creativity
  • Potential for impact on coastal and marine environments and / or species.
  • Value for Money
  • Deliverability and Scalability

There is lots of info about the fund on our website including detailed guidelines, examples of projects that might be considered and the application form.  Full details can be found here.

In 2021 a single Innovation Fund award of £2,000 was made to Dorset Wildlife Trust. Their project used specialised software, stitching together hundreds of overlapping seabed photographs to create an otherwise impossible to see widescale “aerial” view of the Studland to Portland Special Area of Conservation (SAC), in Dorset. The view allows the monitoring of changes in fragile reef species within this area. The Innovation Award also prompted two other grant awards funding a ‘blue carbon’ audit in Orkney run by Heriot Watt University and the trial of the use of hydrophones attached to drifting buoys to monitor the presence of dolphins and porpoises and to record underwater soundscapes associated with different habitats run by Dorset Wildlife Trust

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