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The ocean Decade data coordination platform: call for Expression of Interest

Nominations for membership in the Ocean Decade Data Coordination Group will close on Friday, October 29th at 23:00 Universal Time.


Data and information will be key enablers of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Digitizing, preserving, managing, exchanging and, most importantly, using a significantly increased volume and range of ocean-related data, information and knowledge will be cornerstones of the success of the Decade.
The ambition of the Decade in relation to data, information and knowledge management includes significant enhancement of infrastructure, common approaches that enable interoperable data sharing and stewardship, and enhanced collaboration between data providers and users. Implementing a “digital ocean ecosystem” to support the Decade will be a dynamic and continuous process, incorporating established approaches and technologies as well as those that are only just emerging.

The Decade digital ecosystem will catalyse cooperation between data generators and users from diverse stakeholder groups including governments, UN (and non-UN) entities, scientists, planners, decision-makers, as well as industry and the public. The digital ecosystem and its component parts will support users in accessing, understanding, assessing, and providing impactful feedback on raw and processed data, information and knowledge so that these better meet their specific needs.

The Data Coordination Platform will have two components:

The Ocean Decade Data Coordination Group: this group will be focused on strategic exchange and coordination between key actors – including data generators, managers and users in the ocean data and information domain.  It will provide guidance and instructions to the Ocean Decade Data Technical Implementation Coordination Group.

The Ocean Decade Data Technical Implementation Coordination Group: this group will be focused on technical collaboration to develop the technical elements required to build the “digital data ecosystem” foreseen under the Ocean Decade.


Important Links:

Terms of Reference for the Ocean Decade Data Coordination Platform

Call for Expression of Interest (Form)
PDF version of the form (for information only)

For more information, please contact the IOC Secretariat via:
Terry McConnell
([email protected])

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